To work for Internet based firm in web developer capacity. Ideal position would provide exposure to various design projects in different market segments. Will trade creative mind and valuable technical skill set for position with advancement possibilities and career guidance.



Freelance Web Developer •  January 2002 – Present

Project Management, Internet Marketing & Web Development/Designing

Designed and developed websites and graphics for clients from small business to corporate companies. Industries included security, transportation, retail, information technology, media and communication.

  • Planning, design and implementation of complete web sites
  • Project management from inception to the end of the final project/product(Agile Methodology)
  • Online Marketing and branding with Google, Bing/Microsoft and Yahoo
  • SEO: developed website with search engine optimization for generic traffic. Keyword research and meta tag optimization
  • Social Media Internet Marketing Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, Delicious etc.
  • Client facing/meeting with clients for website projects
  • Project evaluation: evaluated projects presented by clients for designing and feasibility including cost management for projects requisites from images to outsourcing of some parts of the project.
  • Project Proposal: sent projects proposal to clients with a breakdown of what will be done
  • Designed and presented prototypes(graphical user interface) to clients for their approval
  • Developed and coded the websites/projects in HTML, XHTML, Java, Javascript, ASP.Net, Ajax, CSS, PHP, JQuery, XML, SQL, Flash
  • Deployed website online: Windows Servers, Linux Server, web services, PHPMyAdmin, cPanel, Plesk etc.
  • Designed with standard compliant code with emphasis on browser compatibility, accessibility, and search engine optimization

Maze Designs • Toronto, ON • March 2008 – October 2010

Graphic Design / Web Developer

Responsible for client meetings and project evaluation. Designed and implemented web pages for various regional and national corporate clients. Site specialties included company home pages, e-commerce applications, promotional sites, CMS implementation and not for profit entities. Broad clientele with heavy emphasis on new business development and partial sales responsibilities.

  • Overall web project management from development to execution and maintenance.
  • Client facing for project presentation as to what they want and how they want the website done.
  • Did follow up with the team on project pieces/units to compile final project
  • Designed and optimized graphics for corporate client sites.
  • Wrote HTML, JavaScript, Tables, Frames and Graphics.
  • Developed banners for advertising on corporate client sites.
  • Administer Internet e-mail accounts for corporate clients.
  • Coordinated Quality Assurance procedures including testing and debugging of code
  • Developed and implemented e-commerce CMS on client websites.

ZimLoxion Radio • Toronto, ON • February 2006 – March 2008

Web Developer and Administrator

Responsible for upgrade and continual maintenance of ZimLoxion Radio web site and intranet. Constant uploading of time sensitive materials to site. Integrated text, imagery and audio radio updates and news. Maintained and updated the radio schedule on the website including updating on-air personal widget and monitored website chat and performance.

  • Developed and maintained intranet and Internet for Company Website utilizing Dreamweaver, HTML, Java, XML, PHP, ASP .Net, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, CMS Flash and Photoshop.
  • Graphics Designing with Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks
  • Integrated ecommerce/e-business CMS on the website
  • Email marketing sending and scheduling emails for subscribers/users.
  • Designed email newsletters
  • Integrated third party applications on the website including chat rooms, forums etc.
  • Implemented state of the art website security through 3rd party applications
  • Performed validation of completed site including the debugging and testing of code.
  • Developed and designed user-friendly interface for multi-media systems and web-driven e-mail (newsletter).
  • Installed shopping cart, Automatic Response mailers and Online Forms.
  • Social Marketing with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious
  • Branding through email marketing and advertising with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo.


Associates Degree, Computer Science, Cowley College, Arkansas City, KS, USA
May 2005

International Computer Driving License, Harare, Zimbabwe
December 2003

Advanced Certificate, Software Engineering, Centennial College, Toronto, ON
May 2010

High School Diploma, Mkoba 3 High, Zimbabwe
1997 – 2002


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